In 2014, tens of thousands of people across

The Wesleyan Church worldwide

will do something historic together.

A special message from Dr. Jo Anne Lyon

General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

Your Entire Church Is Invited To Join Us!

Be a part of the 2014 Community Bible Experience as thousands of Wesleyans worldwide read through the New Testament during the Lenten season.

We’re going to approach it in three ways:

  • READ BIG – The entire New Testament in eight weeks starting Feb 24. Readings on Monday – Friday only
  • READ REAL – No chapter & verse numbers or other artificial features. Just pure Bible text, the way it was meant to be read
  • READ TOGETHER – Your whole church in groups – More book club than Bible study with conversations anyone can join

What is your immediate response to Dr. Jo Anne Lyon's call to the Wesleyan Church this Lent 2014?